Dr. Ali Raad "Distinguished Surgeon" for 2002


Dr. Ali receiving the certificate & the Golden Hand

Family members attending the ceremony

The National Society of Surgeons in Lebanon selected on November 7th, 2002 Dr. Ali Raad, as the "Distinguished   Surgeon of the year 2002" and was presented with the golden surgical hand.

AL-MUSTAQBAL Newspaper Article (150K)


About Dr. Ali


- Born in Tripoli on December 31, 1924
- Graduated from the University of Tennessee, USA in 1951
- Held the posts of Head of Surgery at Baabda National Hospital, Head of Suregery at the Makassed Hospital, and the Middle East Hospital.
- Practiced medicine in the US between 1951 and 1964 and served as a chief resident at the Washington Hospital, head of surgery at the US Air defense hospital and head of the medical department at Sunnyside Memorial.
- Member of the American Board




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