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RAAD is an Arabic word that has the meaning of THUNDER and in history it is a tribe from Bani Hareth in Fahm.

The family name RAAD in Lebanon are present in Syr Al Danniyeh - Muslims Sunni, Christians in Ain Zhelta and Muslim Chiaa in Baalback and Bidnayel, and the Druze in Hasbaya.

Regarding the origin of the RAAD family of Syr Al Danniyeh, some say that the first Grandfather RAAD came from Hardeen to Tripoli and he was then given given the Al Danniyeh province to rule. His son Mohamad was succeeded him and their children after them.

Below are some legendary names:
- Sheikh Mar'ie Raad
- Sheikh Fadel Raad who and his son Mohamad, then the grandson Fadel ruled Al Danniyeh province between the years 1692 and 1794 then Tripoli Senate member in 1795
- Sheikh Abbas Shdeed  Raad - Tripoli 1803
- Sheikh Mohamad Fadel Raad ruled Al Danniyeh province between 1819 - 1824
- Khodr Abbas Shdeed Raad the dictator of Al Danniyeh who ruled the province in 1833 followed by Ali Mohamad Fadel Raad following the assassination of Khodr.
- Dr. Hassan Raad
- Jazzar Beik Raad
- Dr. Ali Raad winner of the distinguished Surgeon in 2002
- General Yehya Raad
- Sudad Raad




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