RAAD Family Union Overview


The RAAD Union is a family association originated in Syr Al Dinneyah, North Lebanon. It is a non political, non profit organization founded in Tripoli, Lebanon decree 3345 October 13, 1995. It's main activities are in Social Welfare, Education and Health services.


The  Union helps individuals, children, and families to  improve the quality of their lives at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

The main goals of the association are to :

1- Increase cooperation and strengthen the social ties between all members of the family worldwide, share family history and experience, and to promote their continuing contributions in the cultural, academic and social fields.

2- Help members of the family in the fields of education, medical care, social welfare, public relations and information.

3- Work in all fields of family interests.

Social Welfare
Education Benefits
Medical Services
Legal Services

Join the RAAD Family Union
Dues are L.L. 75,000 or USD 50  / year

Please send donations to:

Rabta El Raad -   رابطة آل رعد الاجتماعية
Bank Misr Liban S.A.L.
Tripoli Branch, Lebanon
Account No. 6406

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